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Boyd International Limited is a leading global supplier of Chicken Backs which are supplied as either a Chicken Upper Back or Chicken Lower Back.  Both the chicken upper back and chicken lower back are component parts of the chicken carcass.  The chicken carcass is the part of the chicken that remains once the bird has been cut up into cuts such as chicken breasts, chicken thighs, chicken wings, chicken wing tips, chicken legs / chicken leg quarters, drumsticks etc.

The low cost and extremely high quality of the chicken back makes this product extremely desirable for exporting to many destinations.

Chicken backs are in very popular in African Countries, especially those in West Africa such as Ghana, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Togo, Benin etc where they are used as an ingredient for many different meals but in particular the chicken backs are used for making soups, stocks, gravies and traditional African meat dishes. Demand is particularly high during traditional family festival times such as Easter and Christmas.

We also regularly supply chicken backs to Russia and former Soviet Union countries where again they are used in many different ways but in particular for making MDM (mechanically deboned meat) which can also be known as MSM (mechanically separated meat) or MRM (mechanically removed/recovered meat).  This MDM will then be used for making other products such as sausages, hot dogs, burgers etc.  MDM is also made from Beef, Pork and Turkey.  Chicken MDM, Turkey MDM, Beef MDM and Pork MDM is a very popular product in most countries in Africa, Russia, Asia and Europe.

The chicken backs that Boyd International supply to all markets are fresh frozen and are generally packed in either 10Kg or 15Kg cartons.  We can also supply the chicken back either with or without the tail to suit each of our customer’s individual requirements.  Generally we supply both the chicken upper backs and chicken lower backs direct to Wholesalers and Cold Stores for them to distribute for consumption. We ship from numerous countries worldwide in refrigerated containers, known as reefers or reefer containers. Meat traders are also supplied with poultry and other meat products.

Boyd International is a major supplier of other products such as beef feet, beef snouts, chicken feet, chicken leg quarters, chicken wings, pork feet, pork trimmings, turkey necks, turkey wings etc.  For full details on all of the products that we have available please see

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Chicken Upper Backs and Chicken Lower Backs Chicken Upper Backs and Chicken Lower Backs Chicken Upper Backs and Chicken Lower Backs
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